Avoid Frozen Pipes

Do you know where your main stop valve is to turn off the water if you have a burst pipe or think you may have a burst pipe?  If you cant locate your stop valve please call us and we’ll arrange for someone to visit.

Protect Your Home 

  • Keep your home as warm as you can.
  • Try not to leave taps dripping as this can lead to frozen waste pipes.
  • If you notice any un-lagged pipes, let us know and we’ll get them lagged.
  • If you are going away over the winter, tell us. We will come and drain your heating and water system free of charge while you’re away.

Frozen Pipes 

  • Usually people become aware they have frozen pipes when heating systems don’t come on. Usually this is because a water pipe or an external condenser pipe is frozen.
  • Damage to pipes happens when they freeze and start to thaw. If a pipe is frozen isolate it and turn off the stop value.
  • Don’t try to thaw pipes using a naked flame or boiling water. It’s more likely to burst when direct heat is applied. A hairdryer can be used to heat up frozen pipes, but take care, the pipe may burst as it thaws and spray water. Thaw the pipe at the end nearest the tap first.
  • Don’t switch on water filled heating appliances including boilers and immersion heaters until you’re sure the system has thawed out.
  • Protect your possessions – If you think a pipe might burst move everything around it to protect your contents or belongings from water damage and switch off your water at the stop valve

If unsure please call Shire Housing on 01290 421130


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