Funding News


Shire Housing Association has been awarded £50,000 of funding from the Scottish Government’s ‘Supporting Communities” fund. We shall be allocating this money across local groups and organisations who are providing COVID-19 resilience services, so that they can keep supporting their communities throughout these difficult times.

The funds shall be used for:

The provision of food

Equipment and expenses

Emergency fuel top ups

We are extremely grateful to the Scottish Government for this funding which will allow us to provide essential financial aid to the various groups who are working in our communities and are delivering much needed support to the people of East Ayrshire.

Many local groups have been working non-stop to provide an essential lifeline to people throughout this crisis and we cannot express enough how thankful we are to these people. It is fantastic that we find ourselves in this position where we can enable these groups, often of volunteers, to continue to do the amazing work that they have been doing tirelessly thus far. The grant underlines our work as a community anchor organisation, helping support our Business Vison of Great Homes, Great People, Vibrant Communities.

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