New Repair & Maintenance Contractor

New Repair & Maintenance Contractor โ€“ Turner Property Services
From 1 July 2020

Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID pandemic our repair & maintenance contractor, MPS Housing Ltd, is unable to continue with our contract from 30 June 2020. We are very sad to see a good reliable contractor no longer being able to trade.

The Shire Team have worked tirelessly over the last 2 months to secure short-term
arrangements with local multi- trade contractors to protect reactive repair services. We are delighted to announce Turner Property Services will take over as primary contractor from 1 July 2020. They will be supported by A-Catch Environmental & Property Services and DM Homeshield to ensure reactive repair services are responsive when COVID restrictions begin to ease.

The appointments ensure that you continue to receive a reliable and responsive repair service until we can tender for a new long-term Repair & Maintenance partner. They also offer an opportunity of employment for the local tradesmen that were at risk of losing their jobs when MPS Housing Ltd cease to trade.

There will be no change to the standard of service you have come to expect. An emergency only, out-of-hours service, is still available by calling the office on 01290 421130 and following the instructions. Please remember, this emergency service is in place to respond to situations that pose a threat to life, security or your ability to remain in your home.

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