Paying Your Rent

Card payment arrangements are changing

To keep your card details secure, we are changing the way we take telephone payments.  In future, when you phone or visit the office to pay by debit card we will send you a link via email or SMS.  Our staff will confirm the reference on the link so that you can verify it is from us.  You will then complete your card payment details yourself.

If you are not comfortable with this, please speak to us for support or consider using one of the other ways to pay, listed below…

Other ways to pay your rent:

By Direct Debit

Please contact your Housing Officer to set up an automated recurring payment.

Standing Order/Faster Payment

You control when and how much you pay directly into our bank account.

Using the Allpay website or app

Make payments using your debit card at any time that suits you, via the Allpay app.

If you don’t have your rent card to set up the payment reference, please call the office to have it confirmed.   

You can also contact the 24 hour Allpay payment line on 0330 0416497.

Post Office and PayPoint

Take your rent card to the Post Office or a PayPoint outlet and make your payment there.

Thank you for your cooperation, should you have any queries at all please contact us at the Office.


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