Rent Consultation Thank You!

We would like to thank our tenants for taking the time to respond to the annual rent increase proposals and to let you know how your response helped our Board to decide which option to approve.

The Board met on 31st January 2018 to review the responses from tenants. The majority of tenants, 59.18% preferred Option 1, to increase rents by 2.5% with 24.48% preferring Option 2 – 3.0% and 16.25% either had no opinion or suggested no increase.

The Board reviewed all your comments and decided to approve the lower increase of 2.5% to both minimise the impact on tenants and deliver the service and home improvement expectations that tenants want.

We really value your contribution which helps influence and shape our decisions and would like to hear from you if you would be interested in becoming more involved with us.

Please contact Ann Black  on 01290 421130 for an informal chat for further information on our Tenant Panel or become an Armchair Critic from the comfort of your home.

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