Rewire of housing stock (2018-2021)

We’ve started early!

At the rent consultation event in January 2017, our tenants were notified that it was a legal requirement that we have a current and valid electrical certificate for all our homes and therefore we were about to embark on a rewire of our stock.

The programme is not due to start until April 2018 however there has already been quite a number of tenants who have chosen to have rewires carried out whilst we are replacing central heating systems to minimise disruption in their homes.

To date there have been 34 rewires carried out of over 700 homes with a further number scheduled over the coming weeks.

We’d like to say a huge Thank you to all our tenants and encourage more to consider getting this done while we’re doing other planned work.

Note; If you are thinking of decorating, check with us first.

Thank you.

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