Change of Shire HA Chairperson

Chairperson – Janet Allan

The Association’s current Chairperson, Janet Allan, will step down from the role and the Management Board on 21 December 2018 due to personal commitments.  Janet has led the Management Board since 2014 and overseen the transformation of the Association.  After nomination, Vice-Chair, Lorne Campbell, was elected as the new Chairperson and member Hugh Carr accepted the position of Vice Chair. Existing Office Bearer, Nick Allan remains the Convenor of the Audit Committee.

Paying tribute to Janet Allan, Lorne Campbell stated: “Janet has been a driving force in the improvements made to the Association over the last few years. The Management Board and Staff are hugely grateful for her hard work and dedication in strengthening the Association, particularly its governance.” The Association’s Director, Jim Munro, also commented “Janet has been hugely influential in creating a strong dynamic organisation that will continue to flourish thanks to her hard work.”

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