SmartLINK Homes Technology

The Association continues to invest in its Housing Stock.  As part of this drive of investment, we are installing the exciting and innovative SmartLINK Home Technology into more of our properties.

The SmartLINK Home Technology involves the installation of environmental sensors in each room and a Gateway System to connect to all Aico devices in the property.

This will allow the Gateway System to gather useful data to give you, and us as a landlord, a better understanding of the structural and environmental risks and factors within your home.

What does the technology do?

The environmental sensors will collect humidity, ventilation, and heat loss data to determine the air quality, thermal efficiency and the use and function of the mechanical ventilation components in your home.

This data will be uploaded to the HomeLINK Portal to allow us to monitor key data and establish if intervention or guidance is required to resolve issues in your home.

You will also be able to access the HomeLINK Resident App to monitor the data and trends to determine what changes you can apply to reduce the environmental risks e.g., heat dissipation, humidity surges, underused ventilation.

Appointed Contractor

M.T.C. Electrical have been appointed to facilitate the installation of these devices and will be targeting specific construction, property, and house types across our range of stock.

We have issued a Letter of Authority to M.T.C. Electrical to produce to our tenants when cold-calling our properties and conducting their door-to-door visits.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Ross McCrindle, Asset Officer at Shire Housing Association on 01290 421130.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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