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Our Core Values

Integrity is at our heart of our Business Vision and Culture. We will be open, honest and transparent in all that we do.

Partnership working with our tenants, service users and stakeholders is a key element of our Business Vision and operation.

We are committed to delivering excellent homes and services.  We aim to deliver the highest quality homes and services through our Business Plan and continuous improvement.

Innovation in service delivery is at the heart of our Business Vision. We will embrace new ideas, technology and creativity to deliver the highest quality services for our tenants, service users and stakeholders.

We will invest in our Communities, Management Board and Staff Team to deliver our Business Vision of creating and sustaining Vibrant Communities.

We are committed to listening to our tenants, service users and stakeholders through effective communication and engagement ensuring we meet their needs and aspirations.

Great Homes, Great People, Vibrant Communities.

Formed in 1997, Shire Housing Association was set up to take former “public” housing into local ownership and control in East Ayrshire. We are run by a Management Board which sets our strategic objectives, and employs a staff team to meet these. The Board is made up of members of the local community, and individuals who are committed to seeing the Association flourish.

The Association is a charity providing high quality housing and services. We currently own just under 1000 properties’ for rent, and provide estate services to approximately 1000 owner occupiers. From 1997 to March 2017 we have invested around £12.2m of planned maintenance in our properties. With the support of the Scottish Government and East Ayrshire Council we have also constructed over 200 new homes. We manage and deliver on behalf of East Ayrshire Council the Care and Repair service across East Ayrshire.

Locally based and controlled, we are sensitive to the needs of the communities we serve and we work hard to deliver quality and value. The quality of service we provide has been recognised through Investors in People, and Customer Service Excellence Awards.

We are committed to delivering value for money for our tenants and customers through the services we provide, work continuously to demonstrate and test our approach – through comparing our performance with other registered social landlords, through surveys and consultative events and full and proper accounting. We welcome tenant/resident participation in reviewing our services, and specifically aim to promote a range of techniques to enable people to give us their views on our performance. We plan our work on the basis of 30 year cash flows, balancing income (rents) and expenditure (repayment of loans, investment in stock and running costs) to ensure that Shire Housing can progress and prosper as a sustainable local Housing Association.

Whilst our business focus is housing, we know that a range of other local services are essential to ensure quality of life for our customers. We therefore work closely with others, building relationships and strategic partnerships to maximise local benefits.

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