Universal Credit Full Service Overview

Full Roll-Out of Universal Credit is Here!

From 25th October 2017, Full Service rolled out in parts of East Ayrshire.  This is likely to have a huge impact on many of our Working Age Tenants whose financial circumstances change and they need to apply for Universal Credit (UC).

If you currently receive Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits, Income Support, Income Related JSA or Income Related ESA you don’t need to do anything right now as DWP will tell you when you need to apply for UC.  But, if your circumstances change, it is likely that this will mean a move over to UC for you.

This overview video shows the service as of June 2017. Changes and additions will be made over time but the general service will remain the same.

If you are concerned about how these changes might affect you, please contact our Financial Inclusion Officer Diane Balfour on 01290 428007.

Visit www.gov.uk/universalcredit for more information.